Reaching the right customers at the right time is growing more challenging than ever before.

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Tuesday,  January 31st
11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET

Marketing to consumers isn’t easy; companies have to worry about budgets, reaching the right audience, and, most importantly, avoiding legal trouble. The laws meant to protect consumers from scams and fraud cause businesses to tread carefully before they contact leads. 

Don't let fear stand in your way of calling or texting a potential client. By maintaining solid compliance practices, you can take action on your leads while protecting yourself–and we’ll show you how. 

Join ActiveProspect, The Blacklist Alliance, and Excel for our webinar, “How To Avoid the TCPA Mousetrap: Why Compliance Is Just Half the Battle,” on Tuesday, January 31st, 2023, at 11 AM PT / 1 PM CT / 2 PM ET. You’ll learn about the rise of social media class action opportunists, the ever-changing TCPA landscape, and the importance of proving consumers’ consent to be contacted.

Seth Heyman
CEO and Director of Legal Services

How To Avoid the 
TCPA Mousetrap:

Yung Chung
Director of Sales

Michael Harvey 
VP of Business Development

Why Compliance Is Just 
Half the Battle